I recommend reading this before booking a session with me...

"Wherever I look, I see signs of the commandment to honor one's parents and nowhere of a commandment that calls for the respect of a child." - Alice Miller

The service I offer here is to help you along with your self-therapy process.  I have been doing self-knowledge for more than 11 years, and over that time have learned and gained experience in the process.  Now arriving at the point where I can offer you a helping hand in your own process.

Self-therapy is the process of looking at your self, understanding how you came to behave, think and feel as you do, seeing the unhealed and hurt parts of yourself which have their origin in childhood trauma, and work to heal those parts that no longer serve you now as an adult. It helps you to become an intergrated and healthy person in a lasting way. It involves learning your history, exploring and analysing your dreams, recovering memories, feeling repressed emotions and parts of you, and fundamentally expressing that which was once unthinkable.

It also involves growing, challenging ourselves, trying new things that helps you develop experiences and a self beyond trauma.  We can’t just live looking backwards.  This involves developing your creativity, going out into the world, facing challenges and fears, and working on pursuing and building your life.

This process takes place outside a session as well as inside a session. My goal is to help you grow at all costs.  I will provide a loving and nurturing space for you to grow in.  The aim is to nurture your growth and independence to the point where you don’t need me anymore, and can do the process for yourself.

It is a process that unlocks new energy, shows us untapped parts of ourselves that long for expression, uncovers deep wounds and pains, and reveals the unhealed parts of ourselves still carrying pain from childhood.  It is a rewarding and painful process. Looking at childhood trauma is painful.  Recovering from it and healing yourself is relieving and exciting.  Building a truly adult life beyond your history is joyous and exhilarating.  The process is ultimately rewarding, as you truly regain yourself and re-parent your inner child.

My current rate is £25-£65 a session depending on your financial situation. I offer a free 20 minute consultant so you can see if you'd like to work with me.   I want to be able to offer my services to those who are young adults that may not have the funds.

I have experience with:

  • Contempt, Envy, Resentment,
  • Developing a creative life,
  • Repetition Compulsion,
  • IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems),
  • Depression,
  • Worthlessness, Purposelessness,
  • Grandiosity, Vanity, Narcissism,
  • Rage, Frustration, Anger
  • Inner child work,
  • Boundaries, 
  • Empiricism, Reason,
  • Feeling our bodies (body work),

  • Breaking from your parents,
  • Playing,
  • Addiction, Fixation,
  • Perfectionism,
  • Neglect,
  • Childhood Trauma,
  • True Self, parts work,
  • Pain, pain tolerance, holding pain,
  • Adulthood, life beyond trauma,
  • Joy, fun, spontaneity,
  • Living well, Healthy living,
  • Misery, Being stuck,
  • Inner Critic,
  • Toxic Shame/Healthy Shame,
  • etc...