I was born in Bristol, England.  When I was young, I found solice in music, painting and play-acting.  I have from a very early age been moved by art, and it is something I hold very dear to me.  I am an artist.  I have always fought for myself.

​As I grew into young teenhood my intellect developed and I discovered the ideas of freedom and liberty.  I accept the non-aggression principle.  I am an empiricist.  I accept that Reason and evidence are the only ways of arriving at the truth.

I found the discipline of self-development when I was 16, and began on my course of understanding my self and my history, healing from my trauma and growing towards a free and happy life.

I have broken from my family.  In our society, my parents would be considered the average parents, and they did helped me in some ways, but they were very traumatised in many areas that left me hurt.

The goal of my life is my own growth.  I want to heal my trauma, and manifest my gifts until I explode into a ball of light.  That is what happens, right?

It has been a rewarding and humbling experience.  It has made my life a delight as I uncover more and more of myself; unlocking energy, old dreams, reawakened passions, untapped sides of me.  But the journey isn't an easy one, as it does reveal the treachery of childhood and can take us to our darkest hours.  I have had my failures, and moments of being lost, they have humbled me.  I take stock, and move forward.

​Another goal in my life is to help bring about a society based on truth.  A society that values good parenting, the welfare of children and that is built around the foundational structure of a strong family model.  Where people are non-violent, and engage each other freely in the marketplace.  A society that values reason and evidence.  I help create this by living it myself in my own personal life, and I financially support others that are allies in this cause.